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The day
Me 2015
I barely got anything accomplished today. I did go grocery shopping. I put the groceries away and yelled at Gizmo for ripping a hole in the bag of bread. There was beef jerky in that bag and he goes for the Italian bread? What is wrong with him? lol

I got Frank & I some lunch and we watched "I Am Sam" on Verizon FIOS. I like Verizon a lot BUT there's selection of free movies really SUCK compared to Comcast. I will admit, I was in tears as it was getting closer to the time where he had to go to work. I know one thing is for sure, I'll be using my crock pot A LOT more than before. I usually get home at 4 and he has to head for work by 4:45. The crock will allow me enough time to make side dishes so we can still sit down & eat together. I'm going to take advantage of the alone time and try to make real progress in the house. I'm usually more productive on Saturdays while he's at work than I am when we're both home.

Ritz Camera has a deal on Tuesdays & Wednesdays where 4x6 prints are 6 cents each. I needed 2-5x7 photos. One of Frank & his Mom during the mother/son dance & one of my Mom & I the day of the wedding. I'm going to frame the pictures and give them to the Moms along with their photo books. Anyway, I was shocked how cheap 2-5x7s were.... $2.10 (and that's with 6% sales tax). I'm assuming that it was so cheap as part of the Tuesday & Wednesday sale for 4x6s because the guy at Ritz didn't understand why it was so cheap. He said their current promo is buy one enlargement, get another half off, normal price $1.99 each. My order was $1.98 before tax. And they were done in an hour (I uploaded them from home on their website). Sweet!

Frank's Mom called to ask how my Mom was and to check on me. Frank told her he was worried about me with his new shift. She said she wanted to invite me over for dinner but Pop-pay has a real bad cold and didn't want to risk me catching it (she's nervous enough that she's going to catch it from him). I thought that was sweet of her. She wants me to keep her posted about when my Mom will be staying with us so she can visit her. I love his parents.

Well, I'm going to go prepare tomorrow's dinner so all I'll have to do is take the crock pot out of the fridge, put it in the base, turn it on, cook it, and make a side dish when I get home. I'm trying lemon & herb roasted chicken.

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I can't watch I Am Sam. It makes me bawl my eyes out. Especially when she gets older and starts getting embar. by him? Aww.

The shift will be hard but I know you will work through it. Hopefully when your mom gets there, that will help. It won't take the place of Frank of course, but maybe you won't be as lonely.

I loved Comcast free movies! They had such a good selection! We live in an area that does not service comcast and our new company sucks.

Mmmm...lemon herb roasted chicken!

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