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Hey 2008 Brides on my F-List
Me 2015
I'm posting this in behalf of Catherine from Project Wedding. She posted info in regards to receiving a $25 gift card to for providing 10 or more vendor reviews (it has to be 10 separate vendors) in 2008_weddings but I think most of the members are gone.

I apologize for deleting and re-posting but I needed to update the information (thank you again, mods for letting me post here). I'm no longer looking for just Portland and Vancouver BC newlyweds. I am able to accept for all cities except for the SF Bay Area (Sacramento qualifies though), Los Angeles + Orange County (San Diego qualifies), Seattle, Chicago, New York + New Jersey and Boston. Some areas will be a case by case basis to qualify for the gift card, but you are certainly more than welcome to post your wedding vendor reviews on our website if you do not qualify for the promotion. Any help for other brides is appreciated immensely.

As I mentioned before, I work for Project Wedding. We are seeking recently wed brides and grooms (wed within the past 3 years) who are interested in writing short reviews of their wedding vendors. Reviews include the name and city of each vendor, a rating of 1-5 stars, and a short description of your specific experience with the vendor.

To show our appreciation, we will compensate you with an Amazon gift card in the amount of $25 if you offer 10 or more reviews (they must be of separate vendors). Please email me with your interest in participating. Gift Cards are sent each week, so you can expect receipt the week following submission. The reviews will be anonymously posted to a new and well respected wedding website.

To get started, please e-mail me at catherine{@} Thank you for your time and congratulations!

For specific locations, please read here:
-Milwaukee and Indianapolis: please contact kate[@]
-Toronto Ontario: please contact renee[@]
-Texas: please contact rose[@]
-Nashville, Birmingham, and Washington DC: please contact meredith[@]
-Orlando/Central Florida and Tampa/St. Petersburg/West Florida: please contact Diana[@]
-Ohio: please contact jackie[@]
-Sacramento, San Diego, and Phoenix: please contact jen[@]
-Charlotte and Raleigh NC, Charleston SC: please contact alyse[@]
-All other areas, feel free to contact me. Any brides who got married in Hawaii or Vegas?

On behalf of the entire team here at Project Wedding, thank you for your time. If you have any questions or you would like more details please feel free to contact me directly.

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would you mind letting me know what your email or username is on there? I can check it for you. Also, let me know when you completed it.

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